5 Things I Learned From Feeding My Family Real Food on The Road

We recently traveled and moved, and ate 18 real food meals in the car. This is what I learned. | WorthCooking.net

As many of you know, we recently moved from Missouri to Maryland. During that move, plus a road trip to Colorado in the mix of it, we were in the car or airplane for 6 days. We ate 15 meals, and multiple snacks a day, on the road… while doing GAPS and eating around allergies.

It was a bit crazy. But, at least I learned some things.

Now, you probably aren’t cooking around 25 food allergies and sensitivities as well as GAPS, but I figure what I learned about eating real food on the road can benefit anyone who wants to travel and needs/wants to avoid eating out while doing so.

So, I am going to share the biggest lessons I learned.

We recently traveled and moved, and ate 18 real food meals in the car. This is what I learned. | WorthCooking.net

I am sharing the 5 things I learned (many the hard way) on Kitchen Stewardship.

kombucha gelatin

Forth of July Kombucha Gelatin

Happy almost independence day! I have a crazy few days ahead, but I wanted to pop right in and share a quick post with a recipe that is perfect for forth of July. The blueberries at the farmer’s market Saturday were so beautiful I just had to make something that featured their fresh juiciness. With… 

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christopher eating

Crock Pot BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe (GAPS legal)

I roasted a chicken a few Sundays back. It was amazing. Lick your fingers, devour more, and lick your fingers again. Cross your wet fingers and hope there will be enough for leftovers. Think again about trying to convince Mark to leave his awesome new engineering job and open a cafe with me. But, in… 

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Fruit-full Ways to Cool Off This Summer

Do frozen treats help beat the summer heat, or does the summer heat help you enjoy frozen treats? I think it is a bit of each. Regardless, there way  isn’t much that compares to getting hot and sticky under the sun and then to enjoy something cold. Today I want to share with you some… 

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Mango Chicken Kabobs with Avocado Dressing

I have a little foodie on my hands. All of my kids cook with me, but my (almost) six year old really gets into it. He dreams up dishes. Crazy dishes I usually can’t even comprehend doing. But, occasionally there is a dish that seems doable. I can’t even remember what uninspired thing I was… 

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cococnut shredded pork

Crock Pot Coconut Shredded Pork

Seven years of marriage, and six different kitchens. Of those kitchens most have not had counter top by the stove, a dishwasher, a garbage disposal, or floor space larger then a closet. My track record with kitches has not  been too great. Our kitchen now is like a decked out palace compared to so many… 

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How to Whip Nut and Seed Butters

Interwebs meet my kids favorite snack as of late. Whipped sunbutter. This is a neat little trick we recently discovered, and I wanted to pop in real quick and share it here. I already did on instagram, but wanted to go into a bit more detail on how to do it. The basic explanation though… 

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cooking with kids 3

Fruit & Gelatin Dessert

This dessert came about when one day nothing would do but making a special treat with my kids. I don’t remember why it was so important that day, but it was. So, then came the brainstorming of just how that would happen. The problem with sweet treats (that everyone can have) around here is the… 

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Lime Panna Cotta

Dairy Free Lime Panna Cotta with Cherry Sauce

Happy Friday everyone! We are slowly but surely settling into our new home here in Maryland. Emphasis on slowly. After the crazy few months we have had with traveling, finding a new house, and moving I am feeling kinda sluggish. Must. Unload. Box. *proceeds to unload box about as slow as a turtle moving through… 

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Probiotic Fruit Pops + 50 Dairy Free Frozen Treats for Summer

Well, hello there! For those wondering, I do exist and I still have a blog. I know it has been a while, but I am coming back around, and busting with excitement over some awesome recipes to share in the upcoming weeks. If you follow me on instagram, you know we just moved from Missouri… 

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carrots 25 lb

Spiced Carrot Puree (for food pouches)

“I like you, but your not a sparkling princess.” My three year old will speak the truth even when it hurts. I guess little kids aren’t really known for beating around the bush, are they? Well, I showed her… a trip to goodwill and $10 later I now have the goods needed to be a sparkly… 

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