5 Things That Make Cooking Stressful For Me (and what I try to do about them)

Cooking for allergies and real food from scratch can be tiring enough. Here are five things that make it stressful for me, and what I do about them. :: via Kitchen Stewardship

Please tell me I am not the only one who gets very overwhelmed in the kitchen?

Don’t get me wrong I love cooking, most of the time. I know we are blessed to have enough food. For these reasons I feel bad when I get overwhelmed and have tried to ignore it for years.

But, when I get overwhelmed and stressed (whether or not I feel it is justified) I get restless and my insomnia flares up  which of course does nothing to help matters because them I am tired, and more stressed, and struggle with insomnia all the more. I have been trying to figure out my biggest stress factors, and do something to fix them, not just guiltily ignore them.

This is a huge help. I am not always great about it, but I am far more aware of what causes me stress in the kitchen. To see the five things that cause me stress (and what I do to try and fix them) head on over to Kitchen Stewardship where I contribute. 

lamb sausage patties again

Breakfast Sausage Patties for the Freezer

Have I recently mentioned how much I love breakfast? And by love, I kinda mean very, very strongly dislike. But, my family seems to think that eating breakfast is important even if I am completely, totally, and utterly groggy in the mornings. This often translates into something super exciting like instant oatmeal (unflavored kind of… 

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Raspberry Honey Bonbons Recipe - Bitter chocolate, crunchy salt, tart dried raspberries, and a surprising filling of honey. It is hard to go wrong with these bonbons ever, and they are especially suited for Valentine's with their naturally red garnish. | WorthCooking.net

Raspberry Honey Candies

Yesterday I shared a fun Valentine’s treat. Sweet and tart, and incredibly pink, Cherry Limeade Marshmallows. Today I am sharing about as opposite of a treat you can get, with it still being Valentine’s themed. They are elegant and beautiful, even when made by a kitchen klutz such as myself. You bite into a shell… 

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Cherry Limemade Marshmallows

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of pink. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Here is a touch of green to ease you into all of the pink. If you have never had homemade marshmallows, they are world’s away from the store bought variety. I don’t even like store bought marshmallows, but homemade ones never cease… 

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ninth one

Mexican Chicken and Veggie Soup

This soup is brought to you today by a sleepless me who thought she might have figured out a way to make grain-free, crispy “tortilla” strips. Who needs sleep when you can think about crispy strips of tortilla-ness? Right? Well, at least that is what my body seems to think. Sleep is totally unnecessary. I… 

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smoky ranch chicken bites again

Smoky Ranch Chicken Bites (whole30 legal)

Whose getting excited about the Superbowl? To be perfectly frank, this is one of the years that I didn’t have to look it up to remember it was football. Sad, no? I am just not that into sports. But, I really do love Superbowl parties. Party food, fellowship, and one year I even watched the… 

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gluten free finished

Best Gluten Free Recipes of 2014 from Alternative Living Network

I am part of a wonderful group of Naturally minded, Christian bloggers. As 2014 comes to a close we joined forces to share our favorite content. Yesterday I shared the best dairy free recipes from ALN yesterday, today’s theme is gluten free. There is a great collection of gluten free recipes from the other ladies… 

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Best Dairy Free Recipes of 2014 from Alternative Living Network

I am part of a group of an amazing bunch of bloggers called Alternative Living Network, and we are teaming up to share some of our favorite content of 2014 this week. There are many healthy living bloggers in this group, and quite a few who have experience writing recipes that work for special diets…. 

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date caramel

Easy & Healthy Peppermint Patties

How simple can a recipe be, and still be considered a recipe? Whatever it is, this one definitely pushes the bounds. Last year I decided I was going to learn how to make honey mints, like the ones you get with heavenly organics (aff). I love those things! They are just honey, unsweetened chocolate and mint…. 

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hummus 1

Spicy Olive Hummus

Out of the last 6 posts, 5 have been sweets and one was my popcorn post with a few sweet seasonings. I figured it was time for a fully, and completely, and totally  SAVORY recipe. Hummus and olives level of savoriness. I really enjoy a good classic hummus, but sometimes I want to change up… 

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five fun ways_1558

5 Fun Ways to Flavor Popcorn (plus a gift for popcorn lovers)

Just over a week until Christmas! Who is ready? I most definitely am not, but slowly and surely, I am getting there.  Christmas gifts used to be a pretty massive deal for me. Most years I would learn a new craft or art form and start a few months in advance turning that new craft or… 

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