How to Make Corn Free Baking Powder

How to make your own baking powder- good if you ran out, need to avoid corn, or want a paleo version.

Baking powder is one of this places you do not expect corn. But, alas, it is there. Both cream of tartar and baking soda easily clump, having a bit of corn starch in there helps it not to clump up.

When subbing out baking powder with corn, there area  few options. If you can find it, I am sure there is baking powder out there without corn. I have not seen it, but am sure it exists. You can also just divide the amount of baking powder you use into four parts, do one part baking soda and two parts cream of tartar. No need to add the starch in that case.

But, perhaps the easiest is to just make some yourself. You just need to mix 2 parts cream of tartar, with 1 part baking soda, and 1 part starch of choice (tapioca, arrowroot, organic potato or even organic corn starch).

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Corn Free Baking Powder
Recipe type: Pantry Staple
How to make baking powder that does not have corn starch in it.
  1. Sift everything together. I like to store mine in a one cup mason jar.

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  1. says

    So creative! I am allergic to corn and have to buy a corn-free baking powder so this is great if I ever need it in a pinch. Here is the kind that I buy if you ever want a storebought one: I’ve found it at Whole Foods, one of my local grocery stores, (Oh, and don’t go by their store locator for products because that doesn’t work. Lol).

    Really though, thanks! I’m excited to give this a try in the future.


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